Celebrate with us 60 years Stoll Group and 10 years Bayrhof Stoll!

1 Day
1 Futurologist
4 Subjects
16 Sessions

from the fields

  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Energy
  • Digitalisation

Presenter and impetus will be Erik Händeler -  Futurologist and book author of "The history of the future".


First information about the lecture programm:

TimeSessions AutomotiveSessions FoodSessions EnergySessions Digitalisation
10.00 - 10.45

Industry 4.0 and its Benefit in Practice



Johannes Lauterbach
Commercial Plant Master
Bosch GmbH, Immenstadt


Digitalisation in Electrical Planning- BIM Strategy in Practice

Oliver Werren
Authorized Officer, Head of Electrical Planning BI-E
Bühler & Scherler AG, St.Gallen/CH

Digitalisation of large Infrastructure - Challenges in the View of Planning, Building and Maintaining

Christoph Müller
CEO itpix GmbH 
Green Datencenter AG Lupfig/CH

Leadership in Times of Digital Change



Michael Fuchs
five4success, München

11.00 - 11.45

Biological Water Treatment Technology in the Automotive Industry



Dietmar Schmidt
Executive Director
Wasser Schmidt GmbH, Legau

Experts in White, Erfahrungsbericht Milei 2.0
Project Management for Successful Businesses in the Food Industry

Gert Henke
Head of Engineering and Technic
Milei GmbH, Leutkirch

Sustainable energy concepts for industrial and commercial areas


Bernhard Rindt
Executive Director
Egrid GmbH, Kempten

Digital Transformation as Chance for Employee and Business


Thomas Falter,
Technische Hochschule,Regensburg

13.00 - 13.45

System SLX2 Applied in the Automotive Industry

Stefan Leuschner
Head of Key Account Germany, Authorized Officer
Washtec Cleaning Technology GmbH, Berlin

Dr. Ulrich Buchhauser, Krones AG, Neutraubling

Intelligent Switchgears


Andreas Rosin
Application Engineer
Schneider Electric GmbH, Berlin

Digitalisation in the craft industry


Dr. Timo Schwickart
Area Sales Manager Swabia
Hilti Germany AG, Kaufering

14.00 - 14.45

Water Resources Act in Relation to Water Treatment Plants in the Automotive Industry


Roland Woisetschläger
Head of Solution Plant Engineering
Frey Ingenieur Gesellschaft mbH, Martinszell

Mindsphere - Paulaner Transparency of beer consumption at the Wiesn


Sven Claussen,
Siemens AG, München

Solution Development for a Demand- Driven Energy Supply


Guido Eberle
Head of Solution Energy Technology
Stoll Energiesysteme GmbH, Martinszell

IM and OKR with Key Results as Strategy Realization Process, Experience Report

Sylvia Rehm, Ingo Tiedemann
Employee and organisation development
Stoll Group GmbH, Martinszell

15.30 KEYNote

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0, Why it´s about the Human Behind Technology

Erik Händeler
Bookauthor and Futurologist, Lenting

Afterwards evening program and common ending